Benefits from Using Water Pipes and Bongs

Believe it or not, there are many benefits associated with using a bong or water pipe as opposed to using other methods such as a joint or dry pipe. It is due to the fact that as the smoke passes thru the water it acts as a filter and a cooler. The cooler the smoke the less scratchy and harsh it is when inhaled.

Bongs are healthier, tastier, and offer you a bigger hit. If you want a good water pipe, Kings Pipes and Silicone Hand Pipes both off a variety of bongs, dab rigs, and bubblers ranging in price, size, and function.

It is always best to try to make the healthiest choices for our bodies. Choosing to smoke out of a bong or water pipe is a no brainer. This means a nice smooth big hit. It also allows you to breath in a little deeper so it’s a much better absorption rate also. The average THC transfer rate for a bong is 40% while the average transfer rate for a joint is 20-26%. Don’t know about you, but we think this is really significant money your saving here! Shortly said, it pays for itself. To finish this off, how about that dirty water? By smoking out of a bong you have filtered out large particles, toxins, ash and tar. Sometimes it isn’t always convenient as a bong doesn’t travel unless you have a silicone one such as this one. Overall though, whenever possible it is highly recommended to smoke from a water pipe. For the best selection of water pipes check out Kings Pipes and Silicone Hand Pipes.

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