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If you are having a smoke at your house, and drop your pipe or water pipe, there are generally two options you have. First is to get in your car and drive down to your local headshop or smoke shop to find a replacement and second is to browse the web for an online headshop. Which is better though? Although each option has their benefits associated with them, the benefits you get from shopping with an online headshop far outweighs going to a physical shop. It is generally quicker to shop online and you get a bigger selection to choose from. We can not speak for all online headshops, however, we can say with certainty that if you choose to shop with Kings Pipes, you will not be disappointed. Of all the online headshops out there, we voted Kings Pipes as #1. Their glass quality, pricing, selection, and convenience make them stand above the rest. Below we go into further detail why we think Kings Pipes is the best.

Quality Glass
Ordering water pipes and hand pipes online can sometimes be a sketchy thing. There are a lot of online smoke shops that claim to sell nice pipes, but do not. They sometimes trick you with good looking pictures of one product, and then send something that looks way different. At Kings Pipes that will not happen to you. Everything we have ever gotten from their store was absolutely up to our standards.

Lowest Pricing
Kings Pipes has some of the best pricing on brand name, and non-brand name pipes and water pipes. They have nice pipes that are not “branded” but are just as high quality for half the price. And even their brands they carry are very nice and priced very competitively with other online headshops. Watch out for overpriced shops! There are a ton of companies over pricing cheap products that you want to stay clear of. If they are not an authorized dealer of the product, stay far away from them!

More inventory
Doesn’t it suck when a smoke shop does not have what your looking? The answer is yes. Well don’t worry, we have all been there. The solution to this is to order from Kings Pipes. They have a ton of inventory and carry every glass water pipe and hand pipe under the sun. Whether you want a new bong, dab rig, nectar collector, hand pipe, rolling papers, or any other type of smoking accessory, they have it. You no longer have to waste your time driving around to several smoke shops to find what you are looking for, or even browsing online stores for that matter. Kings Pipes has everything a smoker can need.

The last reason Kings Pipes is our favorite online headshop is because of the convenience. Besides the fact they are open 24/7 because it is an online store, their checkout process is incredibly safe and easy. You can have a product ordered and paid for on their site within 5 minutes with no hassle. Also, the fact that I know I am ordering from a secure website puts my mind at ease due to so much credit card theft these days. Bottom line, if you want the best online headshop to buy products from, go to Kings Pipes.

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